Who are we ?

EKINNOX is a Startup created in 2017 whose mission is to democratize human motion analysis by developing simple, reliable and accessible solutions. Based on a project started in 2015 at Inria research institute (Sophia Antipolis), it is today managed by two associates, Baptiste FOSTY and Nicolas MAIRE. The company now has 7 employees and will continue to grow in 2020.

The origin of the project

The project is based on a motion analysis system developed over 5 years in the STARS research team at Inria Sophia Antipolis, in particular by Baptiste FOSTY, co-founder and CEO of EKINNOX. This system, initially applied to the evaluation of people suffering from neurodegenerative diseases, is based on state-of-the-art technologies in the field of computer vision.


KinTracK, EKINNOX's first product, is a medical device for visual and quantified gait analysis for caregivers in rehabilitation facilities. In the form of a trolley consisting of a computer and a camera, our solution measures the main spatiotemporal walking parameters and provides a powerful visual analysis platform thanks to 2D and 3D videos.







The partners

After an experience as a research engineer in computer science at Inria, Baptiste launches himself into entrepreneurship in 2017 after having followed several training courses around business creation, notably at HEC Paris.

With a commercial profile and personal projects of movement analysis applied to sport, Nicolas meets EKINNOX at the beginning of 2017. The complementary nature of the profiles and projects led to the integration of Nicolas as a partner and sales manager.

A doctor specialising in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the Centre Hélio Marin de Vallauris, Dominik advises the company on medical aspects, participates actively in the definition of the product and is involved in relations with the medical world.

With over 20 years of experience in the development of complex medical systems and software for clinicians, Colette has developed strong skills in design control, regulatory affairs and quality systems for medical devices. She joins EKINNOX in January 2019 as Product Manager.

After a thesis in computer science brilliantly defended in March 2018, more particularly in image processing and modelling, Jean-Dominique wanted to move into industry, in a dynamic structure on a human scale. Interested in the technical issues dealt with by EKINNOX, he joined the company in April 2018.

Nancy, who holds a Master 2 in Communication at the IAE Nice Graduate School of Management, wanted to join the Ekinnox team for her dynamism, her kindness and the experience she could acquire in view of the challenge she faces. Creative and persevering by nature with a passion for communication, she joined the “Marketing / Communication” department.

After studying computer science, Emmanuel specialises in user interfaces. He has worked in the development of medical systems in both research and industry. Looking for a company with a human scale and character, he turned to rehabilitation and joined EKINNOX in May 2019.

Currently in her second year BTS in managerial action support, Charlotte has completed her first year work-study as an assistant manager at L’Oréal. Organised by nature and with good social skills, she decided to join EKINNOX in September 2019 as an administrative assistant to develop her skills and expertise.