Here you will find many testimonials from doctors, partners and patients using KinTracK

Vidéos Testimonials

Centre Hélio Marin
Chantecler clinic - Marseille


CRF de la Héve – CRH – Le Havre

Mathias Gerboin


“Thanks to its ease of use, we were able to train the entire reabilitation team .

In particular, we use it for monitoring neurological patients by performing visual analyses and quantified on average every 15 days.

It takes us less than 4 minutes to have a complete analysis (visual 2D, 3D, spatio-temporal and kinematic).

It is also a valuable motivational tool, as it strengthens the message and the relationship with the patient.

In conclusion, the combination of objectivation and practicality allows an improvement in the management of patients.”

CRF – Divio-Dijon

Séverine Floquet


“Quick and easy to use,

KinTracK allows to objectively the results and in particular to justify the choices of care for the course of rehabilitation of the patient to the doctors.

The data provided are accurate and allow a good evaluation of the operating parameters.

It is used to visualize the walk before and after rehabilitation, in order to observe a change after the treatment.

Visual feedback makes it possible to be more precise and allows patients to better understand the care performed and why they perform it.

It is an interesting tool for both professionals and patients.’